Gender + You: What does it mean?

So it doesn't quite make sense.

A little rundown

You were born, or maybe peered at through an ultrasound. "It's a _____!" Exclaims someone, most likely. You have no idea what this means. You're tiny. Perhaps you aren't even born yet.
You grow up and this _____hood defines how you're raised. Pink and blue and trains and tutus and headbands and hats. If you're lucky enough, these ways and the role placed on you for your _____hood feels right. Congratulations! Sometimes it isn't that way.
There can be a lot of pain, but you aren't alone.

Why doesn't it fit?

Nobody really knows! Some people think it's to do with the amount of oestrogen or testosterone in the brain while little foetus you is growing. Some people think it's just part of diversity. Others think its nurture. I don't really care why it is, I just know it is.
It can hurt a lot to not fit. But that's okay. You can make yourself match who and what you want to be. You can build yourself, as everyone can do.

Building your own self

Endless possibilities!

You've got a body! You can change it. You can also change what others see- clothing, makeup, hair... endless opportunities, practically.

Head and hair. Cut it, grow it, style it, dye it, get a perm or heat it into curls or waves or lines. You can make it be long or short or any mix in between and beyond.

Shoulders and bust. Pad shoulders with clothing or DIY attachments, conceal the shape of them with clothing. Stuff a bra, get breast forms. Or bind them carefully and properly to hide them.

Torso, waist, and hips. There are inserts for these as well. If you choose to take some hormones (more on that later), they'll restructure over the years you take them.

Groin and intimates. You can pack or tuck here as well. Socks, gaffs, packers, tape and compression. You can also choose to get them removed or added on, though this can be painful and take a while to get to. If you choose to utilise your intimates, there are many tools that can help you feel comfortable doing so.

Organs and endocrine. Hysterectomy, orchiectomy, vagino- and phallo- plasty and everything else. Hormones can increase or decrease certain functions and sizes of bits.

General note. While you can change all these things as you wish, there can often be pressure to do so in a way others would prefer. Do what you want, but make sure to stay safe. Some things, like binding or surgery or hormones, can cause pain or damage. Make sure to look into the benefits and detriments of things, and choose well for yourself.