Hey this is just more of an About Me

My name, as stated on the previous page, is GLITT3RZ. Though Glitterz, or Glitters, also works. Whatever's easiest for you.

I am an adult, I was a child once. Sometimes, internally, I still am.
My journey across the Web started most likely in an educational context. Then, eventually, I was able to acces the Internet at home. My journey started mainly with entertainment, then branched out. I began to learn more, see more, do more. Coding started with those children's block-code puzzles, and then I found some HTML tutorials. Those were interesting for a bit, but eventually I lost interest and went onto other things.
Years later, a chatroom with some friends I hold dear reignited my interest. This was recently, but the details are still foggy for me. I made my first Neocities, and there have been several since. This is the current one. The one you are reading now. It will probably be the most put-together I've made yet, given I have more experience now. Perhaps one day in the future there will be an even more proper one. Feel free to F12 away at my pages and see what you like and take inspiration or some snippets.

Gender shit, if you want any details.

Yadda yadda: there were signs for a while and eventually I learnt being trans is a thing.
Since then I've been working on becoming myself. Happiness waited, and I came to it. It still waits out there, for me to grow even more into myself.

Gender and you